Self Improvement Using the Power of Mind

The power of mind is what tends to make successful people, successful. The power of mind is also what tends to make less successful people, less successful. Self improvement, therefore, is based in an understanding of how to use and direct ones mental powers, especially those residing in the deepest, most unfamiliar area of the mind - the subconscious. Here is an introduction to that process.
The brain is the physical organ that sits inside the head. The mind is the processes that goes on within the brain. The brain is physical - a thing - and the mind is process so it has no form. The mind has three levels of functioning. The Surface Mind has contact with the environment through our senses. It gathers data. We are aware of what it is doing. The Deep Mind (or subconscious) is the part that directs our behavior, ideas, and beliefs by establishing what are called directives. We are seldom fully aware of what it is doing. The Great Filter sits between the other two functions allowing certain kinds of information to be sent into the Deep Mind from the environment. Typically it filters out things that aren't compatible with what already resides in the Deep Mind. (Further study of the Deep Mind will help one understand those functions, but that is sufficient for now.)
Self improvement requires one to set several positive goals (directives) and behave in those ways consistently and often enough to convince the Deep Mind to accept them. They then join the vast reservoir of Deep Mind Directives that control your behavior. Just wanting to achieve self improvement or just planning what you need to do in order to achieve self improvement (though essential) will never lead a person to improve. Only transforming those ideas and directives into action that one practices will change ones life and actually move a person toward his or her self improvement goals.
For example, if your road to self improvement requires becoming confident when speaking with other people (and the reason you are not confident is because the power of mind is telling you that you should not have such confidence) you must find a safe person or small group of people with whom you can talk without fear. Practice in that setting until you feel at ease. As your Deep Mind comes to understand that you want that kind of confidence (by watching you practice and seeing your new behavior) it will begin accepting a directive about self confidence when speaking with others.
Build your replacement directive in a series of tiny steps and you will be amazed at how you can come to control your reactions and feelings by evoking and focusing the power of mind in this way. Overwhelm the inappropriate directives in your Deep Mind with powerful, stress free, practice of your desired, helpful, directives, and you will find the power of mind leading you toward an ever increasing realization of your self improvement goals.
The mastery of the functions of your Deep Mind is the most essential power of mind you can develop. It is basic to achieving your self improvement goals. Your Deep Mind always tries to direct your behavior in the manner it believes you want. It obtains those ideas from observing how you behave. When you have been behaving like a needy, helpless, person, that is what the Deep Mind has experienced so that is how it believes you want to live. Those are the kinds of directives it sends you. Self improvement progresses from, first, deciding which alternate path you want to follow; second, planning some first, easy steps in that direction; and third, practicing that new behavior until you have made a believer out of your Deep Mind. You can harness the very power of mind that has been directing you toward an unsatisfying life and refocus it to help you create the areas of self improvement for which you long.
Tom Gnagey is an educator, psychologist, social philosopher, and writer. He has practiced clinical psychology for 30 years. For information about his successful, proven, self-help and personal growth program, Deep Mind Mastery, go to

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