Self Employed National Insurance Contributions - What Do You Pay?

National Insurance is one of the many areas of tax that often confuses people, and it's no wonder! With so many different rates for businesses, employers and employees, you could be forgiven for getting a little lost.
But you can't be forgiven for not knowing your Self Employed NI Contributions after reading this article!
So let's get started. As a self employed person, you normally have to pay Class 2 NI Contributions. Also, if your profits are over a certain amount, you may also pay Class 4 NI Contributions.

Self Employed Unemployment Benefits

In this economy, self employment may be a good choice for many of us. In order for self employed folks to be eligible for unemployed benefits, the person should fall into one of the following categories.
• If the person runs a business that is incorporated as S-Corp, then the entrepreneur should pay a self employment tax from his salary. The shareholders are not required to pay this tax though. Since the individual has paid for the unemployment funds by this means, he or she becomes eligible for the benefits.

How To Become A Successful Person In Life

Do you want to learn how you can become a successful person? If you do, this article will be meant for you. What you are going to discover here are some of the most important keys to success that you must adopt in order to make you an extraordinary person. Thus, follow through and finish this article to the end now...
The majority of people want to be successful and produce outstanding results in their lives. The sad news is that most them fail to achieve it. And the reason is that they do not have what it takes to become a great person. So here are some of the keys that can help you and shape your destiny. Apply these keys into your life and you will be able to accomplish great things in life.

How to Have High Self Esteem in 10 Easy Steps

There are many so-called experts out there who claim to have to key to how to have high self esteem. But be careful - you will want to check out their claims first before you become an ardent follower. Because the fact is, not everyone who says he knows really does know how to have high self esteem.
Do not be confused though - it is possible to develop high self esteem. High self esteem is valuable in fostering mental, spiritual and physical strength. So how does one develop high self esteem?

What Are The Main Causes Of Social Anxiety Disorder?

Did you know that social anxiety is among the most common mental disorders?
We all experience social anxiety throughout our lives to a certain extent. An example of this may be the fear and panic you experience prior to having to deliver a presentation to a large audience.
For some though this can develop into social anxiety disorder which can really affect a persons ability to cope in the most un-demanding social environments/ engagements.
So what are the causes?

How To Build Self-Confidence - 6 Ways To Build Confidence In Yourself

Having high levels of confidence in yourself can mean the difference in being successful in many different areas such as career or relationships. People with high levels of confidence tend to be more willing to take on new challenges and achieve their goals relatively easy.
On the other end of the spectrum those who lack self-confidence tend to be the "under-achievers", for want of a better phrase! It's important to build self-confidence in order to raise your level of expectation and self-belief and start achieving more with your life.

Self Employment Ideas 3 Ways To Get Started From Home

With the power of the Internet I will reveal to you three simple self employment ideas that can change your life. You practically have everything at your fingertips when it comes to making money from home. With just a few short clicks of your mouse you immediately get access to millions of pieces of information and data on basically any field of interest. As the years go by the web continues to produce radical changes among the ones who seek self-employment. Experts say that the Internet produces over 1 million pages every day as more and more people start to understand the power of

The Role of Self Confidence in Success

If you look at successful people, you will usually find that that they have great self confidence. That self assurance may have come as a result of their success, but often, a degree of confidence in one's own ability is present before the road to success even commences. Once out on that open road, then success and self confidence may ride in tandem, each providing the fuel for the other's journey.

The Road to Success

Modern business literature is filled to the brim with books, audio programs, and seminars about success. People have developed an all-encompassing obsession with learning what they can do to get ahead. And what's wrong with this you ask? Not necessarily anything... except for the fact that all to many people are only interested in trying to get ahead if it doesn't involve any substantial work or sacrifice.


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