The Role of Self Confidence in Success

If you look at successful people, you will usually find that that they have great self confidence. That self assurance may have come as a result of their success, but often, a degree of confidence in one's own ability is present before the road to success even commences. Once out on that open road, then success and self confidence may ride in tandem, each providing the fuel for the other's journey.

Being an assured and confident person has many benefits, in personal lives as well as in employment, career development and business. Whatever your aims and ambitions in life may be, building your self confidence will play an important role in achieving success and overcoming any fears or crises of confidence you may have along the way.
The fertile ground from which confidence can grow and flourish is a positive attitude. Somebody who is swamped with negative thoughts is hampering their self in succeeding at whatever it is they may be doing or aiming for in the future. On the other hand, positive thinking can provide a regular boost to your progress, there to help you overcome difficult periods when succeeding may seem far away, and to accelerate your achievements when there seems to be no stopping you.
While success and self confidence can be mutually supportive, there is no guarantee that one will lead to the other. Self confidence can be misplaced sometimes, especially in egocentric people. Such people may display a high level of confidence which, if examined, is a mix of arrogance and self deceit. Such a mix of personality traits, while masquerading as self confidence, will not necessarily lead to success, and in many cases will hamper it.
It can also be true that somebody who is not naturally self confident, can suddenly achieve what is perceived as a big success. Instead of revelling in the glory of their achievement, shyness and a crisis of confidence can affect some people, and may force them to hide from the basking glory of their success.
Generally speaking, though, confidence and success exist in a progressive harmony. If you can work on steadily improving your confidence, you can do so knowing that over the years that growing assurance and self belief will be a strong support on each step up the ladder of success.
Even somebody with a low self esteem or suffers from shyness has the potential to reach the level of success that they dream of, in whatever field, or part of their personal life, it may be. So long as they keep their ambitions and their inhibitions in perspective, and are prepared to work towards their goals alongside overcoming their problems of lack of confidence, then succeeding in the long term is very much within the bounds of possibility.
Whether you are naturally self assured or not, it is important that you develop a harmonious relationship between your confidence levels and the route to success you are taking. If they are not synchronized and in harmony, then overconfidence may eventually unhinge your progress, or lack of confidence may lead to a fall just as you have reached the top of the ladder.
This success article was written by Roy Thomsitt, owner and part author of the Routes To Self Improvement website, where you will also find articles on motivation and other related topics .

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