How to Have High Self Esteem in 10 Easy Steps

There are many so-called experts out there who claim to have to key to how to have high self esteem. But be careful - you will want to check out their claims first before you become an ardent follower. Because the fact is, not everyone who says he knows really does know how to have high self esteem.
Do not be confused though - it is possible to develop high self esteem. High self esteem is valuable in fostering mental, spiritual and physical strength. So how does one develop high self esteem?

1. Learn to love yourself and love life as well. Be happy for the blessings that the Creator has granted to you - these could be a healthy body, a happy family, a job that pays well. There are many things you can be grateful for. Many people, sadly enough, fail to recognize these blessings as being factors behind developing high self esteem.
2. Learn to let go of feelings of resentment and anger. Perhaps you feel jealous that another person seems to have the traits and possessions which you would like for yourself? Being resentful and angry will not help you gain those things - on the contrary, they will just make you more likely not to be granted such things.
3. Practice positive thinking by focusing on what talents you have and the accomplishments that come about by using such talents. You will be surprised how far along in life this gets you.
4. Learn to reconstruct your daily life so that you are in the best position to become the person you desire to become. Strive to be happy by living a lifestyle that gives you as little stress as possible - but do not confuse this with living a slothful life.
5. Make an effort to develop qualities necessary to pursuing your goals and dreams. These qualities are strength, wisdom, confidence and knowledge.
6. Try to remain open-minded to any advice or constructive criticism that other people may feel you need. You will have to learn the skill of discernment, or being able to sieve good advice from bad advice. Unfortunately, we often have to take the bad with the good - but that does not mean you have to follow bad advice. You must know how to discard bad advice without including the good advice that you need to make improvements in your life.
7. Learn from past experience so that you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Often, our feelings of low self esteem come from the fact that we may fail in certain aspects of our life. For example, you may consider yourself a poor parent because you often lose your temper with your kids. If so, try to analyze why you lose your temper then try to come up with alternative reactions that are more effective when your kids repeat their offensive behavior.
8. Do not focus on the negative things that happen in your life. Many people often become physically or mentally incapacitated because they feel burdened by negative thoughts and feelings. You can heal yourself by thinking positive thoughts instead.
9. Do make an effort to help other people. Perhaps they can benefit from your experience in some matters, especially if they are younger. A man who became a teenage father can advise his teenage son about the pitfalls of premarital sex and the burdens of becoming a teenage parent. When you try to help others, you not only feel good about yourself afterwards, the other person also benefits. You change lives this way.
10. Chop up your life goals into short-term goals and long-term goals. As you set about trying to accomplish your short-term goals, you will find your confidence increasing. Eventually, you will get to reach even your long-term goals.
Are we clear so far? These tips will teach you how to have high self esteem - just take things one step at a time.
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