Finding Out More About Psych-K

Finding Out More About Psych-K

People who feel they are in a constant battle and unable to make progress in life may be experiencing the problem of self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs. Psych-K was first developed as a response to the realization that typical counseling techniques were not that effective. It has been in existence for more than twenty years and utilizes both ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience. Changes in the lives of many individuals have been brought about simply and quickly using these practices and principles.

Human beings today often suffer from a sense of isolation and disconnectedness. Ancient wisdom stressed the interrelatedness of everything. The principles applied in nature like harmony, balance and resilience were applicable to humans too as they were just part of the whole. Humans need to return to this mindset instead of the one of survival of the fittest.

Neuroscience has revealed that the brain works most effectively when there is balanced communication between the left and right hemispheres. This state, called the whole brain state, is the most effective state when attempting to deal with self-sabotaging beliefs held in the subconscious mind. Emotions, thoughts and beliefs all originate in the subconscious and unless limiting ones are dealt with, change will always be temporary.

In workshops and private sessions, individuals are easily guided by trained instructors to access the whole brain state. Instructors help them to deal with limiting beliefs, thus releasing them into a higher level of consciousness. They become able to think more clearly and creatively, experiencing healing in many areas of their lives. This is more effective than self help methods that only deal with the conscious mind.

Certified instructors all over the world hold basic and advanced workshops. The role of the instructor is to interact with the individual in a dynamic way, helping him or her to change their self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs into supportive ones. The process is easy to use and it can make a great difference in every area of life.

Individuals may think that they can learn how to do this themselves with the aid of books or DVDs. However, the founder of this method regards the role of the instructor as vital to the process. Instructors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained. Certified instructors are allowed to operate independently under a license. They can make their own arrangements regarding workshops and private sessions.

An individual who has a group of people wanting to find out more can contact a certified instructor for help. It is up to the sponsor of the group to find a venue and arrange all the specific details with the certified instructor. A percentage of the profits from the class are given to the individual who has arranged the session.

If you are experiencing frustration in many areas of your life, feeling disconnected and unable to progress, the problem can be addressed. There are tools that can effectively access and change your limiting subconscious beliefs. Once they are replaced with supportive beliefs, every area of your life can be transformed. Your job, health, relationships, self-esteem and spiritual understanding will all benefit from the deep changes you have experienced in your thinking.

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