Increase Your Psychic Ability With The Pendulum

Increase Your Psychic Ability With The Pendulum

Our bodies have a psychic energy that is often referred to as Chakras. Your Aura is also represented here as this energy radiates from the body roughly from a few inches to about three feet. It also has colors that can be reflective of our emotional side, as well as, our body health. The colors that are present, both in the Chakras and the Aura give ourselves and other people tons of information about our moods and body health.

Now enters a huge problem. Thought creates energy sometimes referred to as psychic energy. Period. Now that we have all this psychic energy what should we do with it? Nature is the fulcrum which maintains balance in our world. At this point converting our low-grade energy to high-grade energy we are now attempting to become more balanced.

So in order to balance this marvelous energy we have acquired, we need to use it. Should we just keep it in our physical bodies we become unbalanced. This explains why some practitioners of certain techniques of the esoteric arts find themselves confused and on a negative path in achieving their goals. They are not balanced enough to be doing great work.

Many professional psychic advisors get depleted after doing psychic readings. To replenish their psychic energy they will do something that they know revives and replenishes their energy reserves. This can be as simple as going outdoors and being in nature. Quiet streams or a park can do the trick. Nature can be a powerful revitalizing source of counter-acting negative or depleted energy sources and it also increases your psychic ability.

We have all felt depleted, especially after being around someone who is negative or has a lots of problems. Some of us soak up that negative energy like a sponge and must do something to counter-act it. Doing some fun filled activity is the counter-measure to ridding yourself of negative vibrations. The following is one way to achieve just that balance you have lost.

1. Don't worry if you are not in possession of a pendulum. You can make your own using a large paperclip or a ring. Attach the paperclip or ring to a thread about sixteen to eighteen inches long. Do not let your exhalations influence your pendulums' movement.

2. Learning to use your pendulum is very simple. Put your arm holding your new pendulum by the end of the string up on the table and suspend it a couple of inches so that it doesn't touch the table. Hold the end of the string between your thumb and forefinger. Physically make the weight go clockwise saying 'Yes' and counter-clockwise for 'No'. Back and forth, 'Don't Know' or 'Information not available'. Once it begins to 'answer' you on its' own you have succeeded.

3. Fill a soup bowl with water. Put this on your table. Wait until the water is still. Command it to RIPPLE in a commanding voice. Just remember, you only get better through practice.

4. Use a smooth pencil and command it to ROLL to you like you would teach a puppy to roll over. Again, practice, practice.

Be sure that you are working in a very quiet environment so that all of the psychic energy you are drumming up will not get distracted and will come through. Turn off anything that will disturb the psychic energy you are trying to increase. This is a very important step in this process.

Sticking to this protocol on a regular basis will draw in and develop your psychic energy and ability. It can be likened to going to the gym on a schedule each day - the more you go, the better shape you get in over time. Just realize that this type of inner work takes time and the more time you spend on yourself, the stronger your power becomes.

Your psychic abilities and increasing power should become apparent at the end of daily practice during your first two weeks. However, should you start showing off your new talents or acting as though you alone created them, you will see these powers rapidly decrease. Then you'll have to start over from the beginning.

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