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Law Of Attraction Advice

In a world that doesn't have the ability to care about you or what you think, Law of Attraction advice isn't something that should be taken seriously. When considering a difficult decision, you are much wiser to think about consequences than you are to try to overpower it with "positivity". For most situations, there are precedents that can be called upon as examples and you can see how it will often work out.

This is basically a great way of stating the importance of positive thoughts. People who focus on the positive aspects of life can expect to gain positivity from it. Maintaining a point of view that is optimistic can lead to all sorts of good side-effects, not the least of which is a good outlook on the future. Positivity can be rewarding in many ways but mostly it will just leave you happy.

With these assumptions, by smiling a lot and telling people about the nice things in your life, you would reap great rewards. Negativity would be canceled from your life and everything would be peaceful. All of this would be initialized just by being more positive. It's sad but true that it isn't necessarily the case.

The reality of the situation is that it doesn't actually make any impact on the reality of the situation, only on your perception of it. Tell a survivor of some disastrous situation about how they could have altered their situation by the power of positive thought and they will likely scoff at you. Positive thought won't change the reality of a situation but it might help you cope with it.

For a lot of situations, you can study how they worked out historically and see how to react. Using the example of a cheating spouse again, you can look at different examples of when a spouse was or wasn't cheating and then go from there. Many people have worked this out before using all different kinds of ways and there have been many different outcomes.

By attracting more positive people and thoughts you can also influence the thoughts and people around you. It is truly one of those "be the change you want to see in the world" type of situations. Just by reinforcing positive thoughts in yourself, you can reinforce the positive thoughts of the people that you influence. In this way it is a cyclical thing that propagates itself.

The fact of the matter is that a positive outlook will not affect what is happening. "Like attracts like" says that if you have the mindset that your spouse is cheating, it will turn out that way and that on the other hand, if you have the mindset that your spouse is not cheating, it will turn out that way. If you follow this kind of philosophy, you are misguided.

Law of Attraction advice is not sound advice. The power of positive or negative thoughts only effects your own perception of what is going on around you, not the reality that it is happening. It is an attractive way of thinking for lots of people but it isn't very productive.

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