Be Safe From Unemployment FL

Be Safe From Unemployment FL
Be Safe From Unemployment FL

1- what's the meaning of unemployment FL?

t's an Economic phenomenon began to appear much in Recent years, so un Unemployed is everyone who can work and search for the work, but he can't find it. َAnd another class it's not unemployment As follows (disabled, elderly, retirees and students...)

2- Types of unemployment FL

    2.1- Cyclical unemployment

It's caused by economic Crisis and economic problems, like decline in aggregate demand for goods rate.

    2.2- Frictional unemployment FL

It's caused by economic frictions, like any changes in the demand or supply, or the apply of the mechanism in production methods, Or the invent of new machines. All this reasons cause of unemployment.

    2.3- Unemployment associated with the structuring of the economy.

Have a close relationship with technological progress and industries move to other states, for better working conditions.

    2.4- Disguised unemployment

It's a lot  of qualified for work and this type is the most common.

finally. Unemployment FL it's still a big problem for state of florida, To get rid of this problem all state of FL, must coöperate and solidarity.

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