Decision Making Styles

Decision Making Styles
Decision Making Styles
Decision Making Styles
Decision Making Styles
Do you want to know the secret of great leaders? It is how they come to a conclusion and implement the decisions that they make. What is a success after all but a series of good decisions that a visionary boldly and determinedly makes? Find out the different decision making styles and how you can be a great leader today.

You will find many articles giving their own opinion on how to best reach a decision. There is no right or wrong answer to this, only different approaches that you should utilize to your advantage. One important thing to remember is that all good leaders are able to act quickly and make the necessary adjustments when need be along the way.

1. Decisive. These people are those that are more in tune with their natural gut instinct and go by it. They usually have more experience and don't feel the need to gather massive amounts of data before making a decision and implementing the steps needed towards its fulfillment. Decisive individuals are resolute, persistent and will seldom change their minds on the decision they made.

2. Flexible. Flexible individuals are not as stubborn in holding on to the original plan. They are flexible and are able to flow easily from one transition to the next when new information or situation arises. Small business owners often belong to this particular category.

3. Integrative. Integrative individuals are those who gather as much resources on the matter at hand. They collect the data and study it systematically until they reach several solutions. They do not have just one solution. They are multi focused in their approach.

4. Hierarchical. Hierarchical decision makers are like integrative decision makers insomuch as they too collect a lot of information that are related to the situation at hand. The only difference is that hierarchical individuals select only one solution that they think is the best one. They are very careful in preparing for the implementation of the decision reached.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each decision making style. Sometimes you really have to study all possible scenarios and solutions before you can reach the best decision-and this cannot be done quickly enough for some people. While you shouldn't overly delay a choice you need to make, a thorough and efficient process has proven invaluable to many people.

If you are more experienced and trust your gut more, a quick and resolute decision has made the fortunes of many accomplished individuals. Do not be reckless in your pursuit of success, but understand the situation and act accordingly.

Expressing yourself well is an essential proponent to ensuring one's success. You will have the opportunity to have people around you that will be of help in accomplishing your goals. Endeavor to develop your assertive communication skills. This will be beneficial in inspiring cooperation within your team to reach a common goal.

So what among these decision making styles is more like you? Find out who you are and how you can improve yourself so you can enjoy a higher level of living today.

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