Information On Wood Renewal Process For Floors

Information On Wood Renewal Process For Floors

Information On Wood Renewal Process For Floors

Wood has for some time now been used by homeowners not only to make furniture but other products which include flooring material and kitchen utensils, some of the comfortable houses are also built solely on wood. The various uses of this material will however depend on the tree from which it is made. Before using, the wood is taken through a special treatment process to deter insect infestation. After sometime, wooden material tend to wear resulting to the loss of the aesthetic look. It is at this time that one needs to consider wood renewal services in order to restore the beauty.

The process of restoring worn out timber surface or furniture involves different steps. The first step is surface preparation and detailing. The professional starts by masking the job site to protect the rest of the property as well as reducing disruptions when working.

When dealing with wooden floor, thorough sweeping followed by vacuuming is done to get rid of all the dirt and dust particles. It is also important to remove and clean the heat vents; this is also to rid the site of dust. When all the area is cleared then a first coat of putty is applied, care should be taken to ensure the color matches the floor and also ensure all visible gaps and cracks are filled.

After the coat is applied, cleaning is done again using a patented cleaner to remove any dirt at the edges. Cleaning by use of a buffer helps to reach every hidden dirt particles. After the cleaning, the fan is used to dry the surface. Care should be taken to not blow dirt particles to the adjacent floors.

During the third step, the floor is burnished. This process is done to remove any grain which could have been caused by moisture. The floor is swept and vacuumed again, and then a micro fiber pad is used to ensure that every contaminating material is removed. A final coat is applied at this point. This is more specific on restoring the beauty of the floor because it is done right on the grain by use of color and pigments which suck in the destroyed portions.

The number of coats to be applied is normally dependent on the condition of the floor. It is therefore possible to apply more coats depending on the extent of damage of a particular floor. It is important to adhere to the laid down procedure as every step contributes in a way to the outcome. Take for instance burnishing which other than helping with the removal of debris, also assists to ensure a uniformed sheen level. The final coat should be dried on completion to seal the floor.

Many people are content working with a technician who does an inspection after the work is completed to address any other concerns. This act tends to impact very positively on the professionals reputation leading to increased clients recommendation. Professionals also offer expert advice on care and maintenance.

The professional that a homeowners or office occupant decides to hire wood renewal services should be conversant with all types of wooden structures and how to handle them. This kind of work can be hectic especially in an office that covers a large area, so there is a need for the professional to work with a team to save time and ensure the work is good. The client should be thorough in checking his permits to be sure he is allowed to do that job.

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