Simple And Effective Public Speaking Tips Anybody Can Use

Effective Public Speaking Tips
Simple And Effective Public Speaking Tips Anybody Can Use
How are you when speaking in front of an audience? Are you comfortable and articulate-or do you find yourself stumbling all over yourself when you open your mouth in front of people? I have many friends who have had almost crippling public speaking anxiety. The good news is it can be overcome. Yes, you do not have to spend sleepless nights anymore worrying about each time you need to face people. Here are great public speaking tips you can use to help you in the future.

1. Most probably, you would have been given sufficient time to prepare for the speech or talk assigned to you. Collect whatever you can about the topic and study as much as you can. You don't have to include every little detail into your talk, but aim to be more knowledgeable about it than the people you will be speaking to. Moreover, when you are confident with your expertise, you will be significantly less anxious about the meeting.

When you are confident in what you know, you will be a lot less anxious. Keep in mind that being prepared is only one part of it. Even if you have all these great info in front of you, don't read it word for word. Speak from your heart. This is what will attract people to listen to what you are saying and make you an effective public speaker.

2. If you are going to use power point, don't give a bullet point presentation unless you want to put people to sleep before the end of your talk. Make it as interesting as possible. Use colorful pictures, compelling images, engaging videos and sound bites. A short and straightforward presentation coupled with appropriate visuals is recommended.

3. Now, some people will still feel the cold claws of public speaking anxiety in the pit of their stomachs even if they have prepared and a fantastic presentation in waiting to be shown. The scariest time is 1 minute before you are to speak so before the fear even hits you, take deep and relaxing breaths. Replay your speech in your mind and envision your audience responding well to it.

4. It's always good to find at least one friendly face in the audience. If you don't have anybody with you-then look for someone who seems genuinely interested in what you are saying and direct your talk to him or her when the rest of the crowd is less than engaged. Even if one person was helped by what you have said, it has all been worth it.

5. If you want to make your speech a success, engage your audience. Involve them in stories or in whatever you are talking about. Ask questions and think about it as if you were simply conversing with a group of friends. When you encourage the audience to actively participate in the discussion, they will be more interested and remember your speech more positively.

Everybody has something to say-everybody. You might think you are the shyest person in the planet but there are people waiting to hear what you have in your heart. Use these great public speaking tips and make a difference today!

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