Getting A Job In Environmental Associations

Getting A Job In Environmental Associations

It is not too long you have graduated and you are looking for an environment based job. What are you planning to do next? Getting a job is not going to be easy even though 44% percent of employers are planning to hire new employees for their companies and another 14% of total employees are leaving the field for good.

To make an easier transition, we have grouped together few tips to get employed in the sector of environment.

From the research of Canada's 2010 Profile of Canadian Environmental Employment, most of the employer are going to hire graduates based on social networks and on relationships with the present employees. While hiring new employees 44% of the employers try to get them through internal relations and another 65% prefer using the method of references as they are they are considered the most effective way of recruitment. So it is pretty much clear that you must have good relation with people who are currently working on environmental sector, but in which way can you make a connection with them?

You can use the opportunity of networking to get popular in the industry related to environment. Many conferences are taking place throughout the year and these are the places where professionals and non-professionals meet and it is the best way of connecting with them as well as learning new things related to the sector.

Associations working in environmental field may offer you to get connected with individuals in this industry through their forum. You may get an offer with discount from associations if you are a post-secondary student.

Canadian Environmental Employment has developed a profile which reflects the importance of internship and co-operative activities to get hired. You can participate in those programs to get better idea about the environmental field and to show your passion for working in this sector even without any long term commitment and in this way employer can decide how you are going to be as an employee. After getting some experience in this field, you can start connecting with professionals and this will increases the chances of you getting hired for long term.

Fresh graduates can easily make connections with the leading professionals in the field through the internship program provided by ECO Canada and can also earn around $12,000 in total annually. Environmental companies are influenced by these programs to hire interns instead of new employees at a cheap rate and the graduates get more chances for getting employed.

You can look for co-op programs in your career center to get experience in this field before becoming a graduate. While interns are not allowed to attend classes in the working hours, a student who is involved in any co-op program can do both of the works and classes.

Your attractive resume has been enough for getting hired till now. You should make your resume reflect your passion for working in this green sector.

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