How Community Service Impacts More Than Just The Community

Community Service Impacts
How Community Service Impacts More Than Just The Community
Community service is something that people want to accomplish since it is considered to be a "feel good" activity though we don't always have the time for it. This is quite apparent since everyone is so busy with their work and family.

However, there are several reasons why volunteering is a good use of your time while at the same time also an opportunity to feel good about yourself.Everybody knows that community service does indeed affect our community. Why not help in making the community a better place to live in by spending a few moments in service? Volunteer service for a few hours a month is more than enough to give huge difference and this is greatly appreciated.

There are many varieties in volunteering activities today like park and street cleanups, local school projects, serving food at your local food pantry, helping with youth activities, and there is no shortage in such activities at any time soon. Such activities not only contribute to a better community but your family and yourself can benefit from it.

You'll become an example yourself when you do volunteering. Volunteering not only affects the greater community, but also directly impacts your family and friends. If you have kids, it becomes a great building block in teaching and mentoring them. If possible, find volunteer opportunities that encourage kids to participate so that you they can volunteer and help also.

This will mold them to see that giving back is not only the right thing to do, but assisting others and the environment is a great investment for the years to come. This is also a nice chance to call you friends and invite them to participate by creating group volunteer events which can make an even bigger impact.

The ever so popular social media makes it quite easy to organize group volunteering that can spread quite fast across the networks and as a result, will create a positive feedback not only on the volunteer experience and organization but also for you and your friends.

A lot of companies today are offering some sort of workplace volunteer program that allows you to volunteer a certain amount of hours per month depending on your schedule that are approved during work hours. If given a chance, why not use this time for the better good of the community?

This is a free time that the company is paying you for, so this is a good advantage to invite family and friends to partake in group activities during work hours to make the most use of their time. Inquire to your management if your company does not have a workplace volunteer program to help you get started.

Volunteerism enhances your skills and you gain more experience. This is one benefit that many don't realize, but is maybe one of the most important reasons to volunteer. You may have seen terms about volunteering such as "micro-volunteering" or "skills based volunteering."

These are new concepts that are proving to be the most valuable to volunteers and organizations. Micro-volunteering or skills based volunteering means taking the skills you possess (often through your work experience) and applying it to a volunteer opportunity in small increments of time.

For example, there are hundreds of nonprofits that have no access to a web designer. If you are a web designer yourself, then you might be surprised that they are in high demand today. You can share your talent and skills to the community by spending a few hours of your time in volunteering for couple of weeks. This is a great training ground to hone your skills and gain additional experience while at the same time the charitable organization can benefit greatly from it.

Freelance web designers can do some professional work that could lead to a long-term career and contract with the organization once they see how well you do volunteering which is a very great opportunity. Not only are you helping others, you also are building an even better resume for yourself.

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