How To Stop Anxiety - Exposing The Truth About 'panic Away'

How To Stop Anxiety
How To Stop Anxiety - Exposing The Truth About 'panic Away'
You can stop anxiety in several ways. One way will not guarantee that the results are permanent. The other will. While anxiety medication can ease the symptoms, it is not a cure. Drugs calm you so that your body does not remain in a state of constant tension.

Being tense keeps your body on the alert because it knows something is not quite right. It is expecting to have to react at a moment's notice, as soon as the alarm is triggered.Your thoughts trigger that alarm constantly when you have anxiety disorder because you are always waiting and anticipating. You probably don't know what it is that you are expecting to happen.

You just feel uneasy. You might even feel a sense of dread.And although drug-based medication can help some people, not all anxiety sufferers find them beneficial, not least because of their potentially serious side effects, which include dependency issues.

Which is why people are increasingly -- perhaps this is you -- seeking out natural ways to treat anxiety, without recourse to drugs. But, in order to best understand just how natural remedies for anxiety can work for you, and, the critical key needed to unlock your cure, you first need to understand how anxiety attacks can be triggered...

We need to go back hundreds of thousands of years, and picture our forefathers living and surviving in a very wild, hostile environment; where it definitely was the 'survival of the fittest.' And the human body, being something quite miraculous, was pre-equipped (and still is) to give the individual the greatest possible chance to survive and prosper.

The technique does not need you to follow complicated steps, nor does it need deep breathing exercises, positive affirmations or distraction. It is a very simple technique that you can do even when you are performing your usual and normal activities. You can even do it anywhere you want to - could be at home, at work or even when you are hanging out with peers. The technique does not include hypnosis as some techniques do. It is one which includes the cognitive area, developed from traditional psychology.

If you find that you can't do it on your own, there are some excellent programs that will teach you how to stop anxiety quickly without drugs.f we could stop anxiety attacks in an instant and keep them from ever reoccurring, we would most certainly put this instantaneous solution into effect immediately.

However, as with anything else, learning how to arrest an anxiety attack takes a little time and practice. Still, many people believe self help tactics are the best way to stop anxiety and overcome it for good. So, just what are we talking about when we mention a self-help technique that stops anxiety and keeps it away from us forever? In this article, we will explain.

Stopping an anxiety attack and overcoming anxiety attack syndrome are two different things. To stop an anxiety attack that is already occurring requires realizing that the feelings you are having are unimportant, routine anxiety based and not some real physical ailment. Keeping anxiety from ever occurring again requires changing your mental outlook toward them. We can sum up this two-pronged short term - long-term tactic with the following:

short term - passive attitude,long-term - total acceptance,Short Term Once a panic attack has started and anxiety is overtaking your life, you need to respond with a passive attitude. This is because anxiety is spawned from the fight or flight response. In other words, anxiety brings about horrific feelings. In an attempt to stop these horrific feelings, our tendency is to fight them off or to run away from them. Even trying to pretend they don't exist is a form of fighting them off.

The changes that that causes all over your body (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, muscle enhancement, vision enhancement, etc.) leads to you experiencing some or all of the following symptoms; racing heart, tightness across your chest, nausea, tingling feeling in your extremities, dizziness / wooziness, irregular breathing, a feeling of not being connected to reality / being detached, a feeling that you are about to die even, etc. You are having a horrifying anxiety attack!

By taking this attitude for a period of time, you will see anxiety attacks come and go and they will start to mean much less to you. So, during those times between anxiety attacks simply accept the fact you suffer from anxiety attack syndrome and be assured it is a temporary stage of your life. In no way dread any further anxiety attacks. The reason for this is simple; it is because it is this very dread of the anxiety attacks the anxiety itself feeds upon.

Finally, use your experience during moments of anxiety to learn anxiety has no real power over you and no control over your life in any way. Then, when panic and anxiety are not present do not think of yourself as free of them and make up your mind that things will be the same with them or without them.

You will find by doing these things anxiety will wither away and if you followed the method described, by the time they have disappeared altogether you may not even realize you have experienced you last anxiety attack ever.

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