The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction
The Law Of Attraction
Studies have shown that success does not come by accident. It can be learned. When we learn and master the key to success, we can easily get what we want in life. Our success becomes repeatable and we can create success in every aspect of our life, including financial success, great health, strong relationship and many other areas.

Over the recent years, the law of attraction has received a great amount of popularity, emerging to the forefront of media as the key to help people to fulfil their innermost goals and ambitions. Much of the current understanding of the law could be attributed to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, a hard-hitting self-help book that has sold millions of copies.

The popularity of the law of attraction comes from its proven results in transforming people's life. Those who had applied this in a correct way enjoy significant successes that they can't imagine they could have achieved.

Since The Secret movie and book became extremely popular, increasingly more people now know about the laws of attraction. After reading the book, like millions of people worldwide, I believed that everyone had the power to make life changes to suit their personal preferences. However, I discovered later that The Secret was missing vital information about the laws of attraction. Read on to find out more.

In The Secret, the law of attraction is described as a natural law that can determine the order of our personal lives and the universe through a process called like attracts like. This means that our thoughts and feelings send out corresponding frequencies to the universe and this attracts similar circumstances and events back to us. For instance, positive thoughts and feelings will attract positive circumstances and events.

The law also claims that if an individual change their thoughts and feelings they could attract desirable outcomes which includes happiness, better health and more wealth. Basically, the law attraction means that thoughts are like magnets so whatever they dwell on will attract similar thoughts back into our life.

In order to successfully control your life circumstances using the law of attraction, there are three phases that you must undergo. The first phase is you must know what you want to achieve. Knowing exactly what you want and ask for it. In other words, you must focus on what you want, rather than on what you don't want.

All the successful people throughout history have had one characteristic inherent within them that is they are clear with what they want to achieve. They have great drive and passion to pursue their dreams. As a result, they thrive and succeed in their endeavours.

The second phase of applying the law of attraction is to believe that the universe will answer your desires. The law of attraction will answer your needs, and you must truly believe this. So often that people don't have faith in getting what they want, and let the doubts or unworthiness slips in.

The degree of believe has to be strong and to the extent of believing you already get what you wish to have, be the person that you wanted to be and living the life that you dream about. Believing that you have already received it and you will be rewarded. This strong believes must be able to create feeling and make you feel it. It is essential to feel exactly how you have achieved your dreams to manifest the things that you want in your life.

These laws are set in stone so to speak and cannot be changed or altered in anyway, they apply to everyone and everything and are always at work whether we are aware of it or not.Among these universal laws is the law of attraction which states that we can attract that which we desire into our lives through the power of our thoughts and quite literally become the masters of our own destiny, or as Napolean Hill once quoted the "the captains of our souls".

In essence the law of attraction attracts to you that which you desire most and that which you focus your thoughts on most.Everything going in your life whether it be relationships, financial status, well-being e.t.c is a direct reflection of your accustomed way of thinking and the nature of your thoughts.

In utilizing the law of attraction, you have the choice and consciously choose to think positively or negatively. If you remain positive you will attract good situations, but if you are negative you will attract despair. By being in positive state and ready to receive, you will automatically behave and act to change your environment to correspond to your desires. As outlined in the Secret, such law of attraction techniques will assist you in communicating positive vibrations to the universe. Above all, never ever give up trying to incorporate the law of attraction into your life to your advantage, and your circumstances will respond to you with your persistence.

In 2006, with the release of the book, The Secret, I started my journey in learning about and applying the Law of Attraction. Even though it has been six years and the buzz of The Secret has died down, I study something about it everyday.As I listened to people talk about the Law of Attraction, I was soon after introduced to Dr. Thurman Fleet's Stickperson diagram. What in essence Dr.

Fleet demonstrated with his Stickperson was that our thoughts, create our feelings, which causes us to act, and that is how we produced our results.The Stickperson changed my life so much I wanted to teach it. But the sources that I thought would certify me to do so wanted between $15,000 to $20,000 to do it. I decided why not go to the actual source and I contacted Dr. Fleet's Concept Therapy Institute.Dr. Fleet's course of study cost me $300 dollars per course of which there were 9 and the teacher's training course.

So for a total of $3000 (over time) I was able to learn and teach the same material from the source rather than an "interpretation of the source" and at 70% less cost. I used the Law of Attraction to make this happen.

You see... we all have certain beliefs that we were taught as children. Such beliefs can leave us to stop or block the manifesting process. Bob calls these beliefs "paradigms" If we belief that forgiving someone means we are letting them get away with what they did and need to be punished then we are creating blocks that will not allow us to attract anything positive. The same is true if we belief that "money is the root of all evil" (and many of us were taught this as children) then we will never be able to manifest wealth like we want.

It was in the nineteenth century that the law of attraction had made its presence in the Western hemisphere where people had started to understand and treasure the power of maintaining a positive attitude and positive thought processes and had started applying this new found knowledge in their own lives.

So it's clear that the law of attraction had been referenced and practiced long before any new age movements started to surface. Many wise men including the Monks understood that mans belief can directly impact their path of fate as well as the journey they would take in order to reach their final destination!

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