The Difficult Question Should I Let My Baby Cry It Out

Should I Let My Baby Cry It Out
The Difficult Question Should I Let My Baby Cry It Out
Many new parents ask the question, should I let my baby cry it out. This is one of the most hotly debated questions in parenting with opinions varying dramatically. Some people feel that it is perfectly alright to allow an infant to cry themselves to sleep. Others feel that this policy is not only too distressing for both parents and child, but it may well have long term negative implications for the infant.

Crying is a babies main way to communicate. They use this method to signal to those around them that they are hungry, tired, wet or just need a hug. Excessive crying is typically a sign that something else is wrong. Maybe the child is suffering from colic or reflux. These cases should always be thoroughly investigated by a doctor to ensure that there are no underlying medical reasons for the crying.

Friends and family should only give their opinions when asked. It is every families prerogative to decide how they will handle the upbringing of the child or children. Some people are huge fans of co sleeping. This is when the infant sleeps in bed with the parents. Many people find that this method helps them to get some much needed sleep. The child is typically very happy as they are kept warm and love to snuggle with their mother.

Many times crying is connected to sleep. Some babies have a very difficult time falling asleep at night. Parents may resort to holding them, rocking them or even going for car rides. As difficult as this may be these thins usually just make the problem worst and the infant quickly becomes dependent on them and cannot fall asleep without these artificial interventions.

Other families feel strongly that the new arrival should be in their own crib and in their own room from day one. This method also has many advantages. The child can get a good nights sleep without interruptions. Their crib is the safest environment. It should not contain any additional blankets, pillows or stuffed toys as these can all be suffocation hazards.

Before their baby is born parents may want to spend time considering how they want to address the issue of crying. Unfortunately many people just never give the matter any consideration until they are faced with it and have no alternative strategies available to them. Having a clear plan in mind that works for both parents will save a lot of time and heart ache.

Swaddling mimics the confines of the womb. Placing a carefully swaddled infant on their back in a crib with no blankets or toys is the safest way for them to sleep. If the child begins to fuss the parents should leave them for a few minuets to see if they settle down. Often some gentle background music will help. Classical music and lullabies are usually recommended.

If the infant does not settle down withing a few minuets and begins to fuss the parents are faced with a dilemma. The answer to should I let my baby cry it out depends on the feelings of the parents. Those who believe the child may suffer physical and emotional distress will always advise the parent to intervene and pick up the baby for comfort.

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