Books That Can Change Your Life Forever

I love reading books that inspire us to become more than who we are; and so far, I have come across some of the best motivational books you wouldn't want to miss. These are some of my reviews of the most inspirational books out there. The Best Motivational Book: The Secret.On the top of my list is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It is basically the book version of the world-renowned film of the same title, and it's a wonderful accompaniment to life.

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai.This book was written by one real samurai from Japan and is a collection of laws that real samurais should follow. The depth and the philosophy of these laws really astonish.Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time.Keith Ferrazzi is a great person who wrote a book about his philosophy of connecting people with one another. He has got a website and a big community of followers. Keith helps people and never refuses to to do it. He wrote a letter of recommendation for me.

The story is of a young shepherd boy named Santiago who goes on an exciting adventure to reach his dreams. The book is riddled with philosophies and talks about the importance of understanding your personal legend.The Third Best Motivational Book: The Happiness Project.This book's real title is The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun. Written by Gretchen Rubin, this is possibly one of the easiest and fun reads in the list.

How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed.Since I've read this book my attitude to life changed and picking up girls became much more easier. I highly recommend you to read this book in order to know a lot about the opposite sex and become more effective with women.How to Think Like Einstein: Simple Ways to Break the Rules and Discover Your Hidden Genius.Scott Thorpe is a notable man who works for "Sony Innovations", knows several languages and designs robots. His book is about new original ways of thinking.

The Fifth Best Motivational Book: Your Best Life Now.And finally, let me present to you Your Best Life Now. Joel Osteen is a pastor, but even if you're not Christian, his book is a wonderful source of good advice and motivational tips. His book is simple and would be a wonderful companion to just about anybody.When it comes to the best motivational books, everyone has an opinion. These are the books that made it to my list and I'm sure that you have your own set, too. I hope that these can help you live a better life.

You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay": The quintessential 'bible' for creating miracles in your life has got to be Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. A groundbreaking book when it was released in 1982. It is still the book that I turn to when I have a physical ailment that requires deeper understanding. Louise Hay is the pioneer in looking at the connection between the physical ailments that we have in our body and the emotional connection. At the time that she wrote the book many people scoffed at this idea; it is now considered 'mainstream' knowledge that millions of people refer to on a daily basis.

Many people in the MLM industry credit Don Failla for terms and methods that are now network sales industry standards. It's always good to learn the newest and the most innovative methods of sales for the MLM industry. However, it's always good to learn the basics. It's great to learn the bare bones methods that have always worked, and that continue to work. Sometimes, when you learn the history of a certain method, you can understand better why the new methods work. You can learn how the new methods came to be by learning the old basics. If you want a history behind some of the now standard teachings and methods, you will learn from the master in The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life Audio, By Don Failla.

The Game of Life and How To Play It", Florence Scovel-Shinn: A classic book that was first published in 1925 and remains one of my favourite books of all time. Scovel-Shinn understood the power of our words to manifest either our deepest desires or our most horrendous nightmares. She was a practising metaphysician before anyone knew what a metaphysician was. Her understanding of the principles of manifestation have been copied and used by authors and workshop leaders throughout the world. Even if they have never heard of her, her work shines through and remains the truest and most original work in this area.

The reviews of this product are glowing. The number one thing that people say about this product, is that the product, The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life Audio, at last made network sales easy to understand. Don Failla breaks things down so easily, that even the newest recruit can comprehend what he is saying, and they will do well. Many people feel that they are weighed down with facts, figures, and statistics. They feel drained, and discouraged after attending their meetings, and after reading certain books.

However, they feel the message of this series, and of the book, allows them to feel like network marketing success is in their reach.This audio-book, 2 CD series comes with a workbook. This way, the listener can apply what they are learning when they hear the message. If you are a person that needs simple hand holding to learn the business, then The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life Audio, by Don Failla is for you.

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