How To Motivate Yourself To Study

Lack of motivation is the most common reason that things don't get done. If you've ever lacked the motivation to do something you know the feeling I'm talking about. The loss of interest, the tiredness, the boredom - it's all related to the feeling that you have "no motivation". But worse still is the feeling that you also don't know what to do about it. But there's no need to fret, it happens to everyone at some point!

Whilst a lack of motivation may not be your biggest challenge personally, it is one of the biggest challenges that students face as they try to find the strength of character to push through high school and College.

When you don't have the proper motivation to complete a task, the task can quickly become a painful and cumbersome chore - rather than a fairly straightforward process. Why?

Well, when you feel 'motivated', it's easy to stay focused over a long period of time and work diligently towards your goal. However, when you are not feeling 'motivated' you will have virtually zero focus and the chances you will even start the task are minuscule. Either that or it will require someone threatening you with something before you'll get started on your work (like a parent taking away your iPad or a teacher removing you from the class). That's not a great way to get motivated!

Unfortunately, much of the motivation in the world comes in the form of fear - the fear of negative consequences. For example, you will see most students completing their homework (or at least attempting to complete it) for fear of what will happen to them if they don't. They may be embarrassed in class, they may be grounded by their parents, they may fear falling behind everyone else, or they may fear appearing stupid. It could be many things - but it is all fear-based motivation. It's only natural - this type of motivation has been around since the dawn of time.

You see, if there was no negative consequences what would happen to the world? Would everyone still behave themselves in an orderly way? Or would there be total panic and disorder? How would the world run itself if there was no negative motivation? It's actually a scary thought!

Fear of negative consequences has its place in the world. It's important in its own way - however it should absolutely not be the ultimate reason for you to do whatever it is you do each day. It should not dictate your behavior. That's not living. That's just "existing".

If you want to really find your bliss in life you need to find a way to find the positive reason for why you're doing whatever you're doing (and this doesn't just apply to your schooling - it applies to all areas of life).

Want to find real motivation? Act only out of possibility. Never act out of fear. Act out of the possibility of what may come from doing what you're doing. If you're doing homework, ask yourself what the possibility may be. Is the possibility that you learn something new? Is the possibility that you are smarter than you were before? Is the possibility that you are closer to your ambition of a good grade? Is the possibility that you are one step closer to College? What is your possibility? Every act has a possibility. Find yours and you will have found your true motivation. The power of possibility always crushes the fear of negative consequences - if you harness it correctly.

Each time you do anything, you need only ask yourself one question. Is this act an act of possibility or an act of fear? Unfortunately, most of us act out of fear. Find your possibility and you will have found your true motivating force. Once you find that, the rest will seem like a pleasure. Good luck!

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