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Short quotes inspire us for action. Life without motivation is like we are sitting in a dark room. People often work like a robot and do not dare to dream big. God has given us life to do extraordinary tasks. We all have qualities and capabilities to achieve anything. The only thing which required is motivation.

So here's are some of my favorite short quotes to let you feel the magic of motivation i life- "For every dark night there is a brighter day." -Tupac Shakur This short quote describes how we should take our life. Good time and bad time keeps on coming and going. There is always bright day after dark night. So you should be optimistic and think the positive side. After your hard work, success is bound to come. So never give-up and keep on putting your best."All that we are is the result of what we have thought." Whatever we are is the result of our thought. All the achievement and success is the result of our attitude and our power of thinking. All the miracles take place in mind, so think high and work hard. Do not take rest until you achieve your goals.

"All good things come to those who wait."This short quote teach us that patience is a virtue. Patience is the key to achieve success in life. Achievements take time and nothing can be done in hurry. There is always lot of hard work behind."Try to fail, but don't fail to try." ~Stephen Kaggwa Until we don't try, how can we achieve something. We have to move out steps forward. We should always keep on trying and learning. Never give up and don't discourage yourself by wrong thoughts. Always remember that the failures are the pillars to success.

"Hope sustain life."This quote is very short but has got very great secret in it. Everything starts with a hope. Hope is life and without hope you cannot do anything. A new work, a new job or any business is based on hope for being successful.So never lose the hope in life and keep on doing your work with passion. Be perfect, learn from your mistakes and you will surely get your share of succeeds soon.

So do your best to achieve the best with motivational short quotes. Life is great teacher. Learn from it and be a real winner.As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. A man's thoughts are the most powerful force that direct his life. The circumstances that you go through may not influence your life as much as what you think about them. Some people might go through very trying periods in their lives and still come out smiling. Others might have a relatively superior life and still be down in the dumps in their spirit. What we think is more important than what we go through.

If our thoughts are so important in directing our lives, we need to pay more attention to thinking the right thoughts. But we need to understand that what comes out of our mind depends on what goes in there in the first place. Our eyes and our ears are the gateways to our mind. If what we read and listen to, are positive and uplifting, our hearts would be filled with constructive thoughts. On the other hand, if we feed our minds with depressing and negative ideas, that is what our thoughts would turn out to be too.It is therefore very important to feed our minds with positive ideas.

Quotes about life from great people can be a good source of inspiration to one's soul. Filling our minds with wisdom and insight from people who have gone through life before us can be an extremely worthwhile investment. Great personalities who have years of experience behind them have left behind quotes about life that could be of tremendous value, if we pay heed to them.

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"Great minds think alone."This quote is about being independent. There are people who function more productively when they are alone. If you are a fan of sci-fi movies, probably you have seen scenes where one great man would come up with a remarkable invention. This quote can somehow contradict the famous quote, "no man is an island". Although it is true that man can never live alone. There are times in life when we need some time alone to think and to contemplate.

Furthermore, there are also self help quotes for life improvement that you can use for inspiration. These self help quotes can help you to be encouraged always to get something done for the today. With the many sages and philosophers that offer these self help quotes, surely will stand out in whatever aspect of life you are in. However, imbibing all of these self help quotes to boost your eagerness may not all fit to you. With this, you have to choose only what will be enough to keep your inspired through the various self help quotes that you can read. You can either list them or memorize one self help quote every day.

Realizing the importance of these self help quotes, many people are using them not only to be inspired but also to start changing themselves for the better. Such role of self help quotes has become popular because of the following reasons:

It reaches many people. Due to the practical lessons these self help quotes offer, they are applicable in the significant human experiences. In fact, you can use them as your guide to relate better to others as well as to yourself. Self help quotes talk. Since it relates to the significant human experiences, these self help quotes can talk to us by providing important reminders on how to deal with ourselves and to others. It also reminds us on how to deal with our work in relation to others. It is one of the fountains of inspiration. With the many problems we encounter day by day, these self help quotes help us to be calm and remind us of the better options that we can take.

Thus, it lifts us up from the many problems we experience and encourages us to move on.It boosts self-esteem. Self help quotes can also be self-esteem help. With the many experiences that discourage us, self-esteem help quotes can help us to be reminded that we have to think always of the positive side of life and negate the failures of the past.

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