How To Study Effectively: Two Simple Tips To Create More Free Time

Your time is by far your most important resource. Why? Well it's the only thing you can't get more of. Think about it. No matter what you do you can never ever get more time. Can you?

One of the most intriguing aspects of time is that humans regularly waste it despite it being a non-renewable resource. Don't we? Most people spend their lives effectively trading whatever time they have for money in order to hopefully create a situation where they have 10 or 20 years of "free time" at the end (i.e. retirement). The great goal in mind is that we get to 60 years old and we get to be free and spend our lives as we please from then on! That's pretty much the deal isn't it?

 The only problem with this plan is that you will be old when you have created some lengthy "free time" and there's absolutely no guarantee at all that you will make it to 60 - or that you will have enough money to stop time trading even if you get there!

In truth the way humans approach time is completely flawed. There is no guarantee on time. You could have 60 years or 60 seconds left. There is one thing you can be certain of though. You can be certain that you don't know how much time you have left. So, can you see that your time is valuable and not to be wasted?

Now is not the time to ponder how much time you have wasted in your life. Now is the time to consider how you will spend your remaining time given that you now know that you don't know how much you have left! Remember, it could be as little as 60 seconds! The bad news is that no-one can create more time. The good news is that we can save time. We can save time by creating more free time for ourselves.

Free time is about choice. You get to choose how to spend it. You get to decide. No-one can tell you how to spend your free time - it's totally up to you! That's why it's free. How much free time do you truly have in your life? And how much would you like to have? Life is short. Your time is short. Today is the day for you to decide that you are going to take back your time and start doing things differently. It's time to save your time and create more free time! Let's look at a couple of tips to help you do this.

Number one: Add lots of breaks to your schedule. If you take regular breaks (one every 30 minutes will work well) you will avoid becoming a brain dead zombie (which means you are more productive) and you will increase your free time. If you take six 10-minute breaks each day that's an extra hour every day just for you. That's seven hours a week. That's 364 hours a year. What could you get done in 364 hours? Hello online fashion business!

Number two: Be aware of your dead time and use it wisely. What's dead time you may ask? Dead time is when you are not doing anything productive but it is also not really free time. For example, you may be out and about walking the dog, you might be riding a bike, you might be waiting for someone to pick you up after soccer practice, or you might be driving a car (these are merely examples). Dead time is any time that isn't really used for anything at all - so start using this time to get ahead.

There are plenty of things that can be done during this time. Listen to a recording you made of some information you need to memorize. Practice a speech or pitch you're working on. Look over some flash cards. Do some reading. Watch a video on your phone (hopefully something that actually advances your current life goal - not just funny cute cat videos). This is time that you can use to get ahead. If you do 20 minutes of work on the bus on the way home then that's 20 minutes less you have to do when you get home. If you do that every day for five days a week that will be 100 minutes ahead each week. If you do that every week you will be 5200 minutes ahead (which is 86.67 hours in case you were wondering).

I truly hope that after having read this you understand how valuable your time is. You can never get more time. Every minute should be precious to you. You can do great things with your time. It's all you really have. So starting saving as much time as you can each and every day in order to free up as much time as possible. It makes sense doesn't it? Don't wait until you're 60 years old - do it today! Spend your time doing what you love to do. What else really matters anyway? Good luck!

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