6 Empowering Resources On Your Road To Success

How do you change your habits, consciousness, job, or lifestyle? Here are six empowering resources to get you started on your way to being awesome. Leo Babauta teaches you that you can form new habits,

Henri Junttila shows you that you can work remotely for lifestyle independence, Pam Slim and Chris Guillebeau lay out paths to go from stuck in the cubicle to living the dream, and Ilchi Lee teaches you to master your mind.
Chris Guillebeau empowers people to challenge the norm and think independently through his blog The Art of Nonconformity. For Chris, one of the key ways to break away from the crowd is to work for yourself. To help people achieve that goal, he wrote the book The 100 Dollar Startup in 2012, available on Amazon. He sells his Unconventional Guides on his blog that help people travel hack or make money in art, writing, and business.

Valorie Burton life coach who focuses primarily on empowering women achieve success both personally and in business. She has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, Dr. Oz Show, and Oprah Radio as an expert in self-development. Her book, Successful Women Think Differently:

9 Habits to Make You Healthier, Happier, and More Resilient encourages women to be courageous, solution oriented, and intentionally active.

Ilchi Lee empowers people to become the master of their thoughts through the medium of meditation and yoga. He collaborated with Neal Donald Walsch to create a movie called Change: The Life Particle Effect, which puts forth the idea that matter and consciousness are connected.

Lee teaches that we need only learn to manage our infinite potentiality to manifest extraordinary lives. You can get the movie on DVD from the Life Particle website. A one-year membership to the website is ten dollars.

Henri Junttila began WakeUpCloud in 2009 after many failed attempts at online business. Now he teaches others how to work online and enable themselves to be location independent. If working from anywhere in the world appeals to you, join his membership website,

Lifestyle Liberation Academy and find out how you can create the lifestyle you would love. Grab a copy of his new book Find Your Passion to get you on your way.

In her book, Escape From Cubicle Nation, Pam Slim teaches you how to escape the ball and chain you call your work desk. Many people go through entire careers being uninspired or even miserable at their jobs. Pam coaches people to find their passion and go after it, making a transition from the cubicle to the life of your dreams.

If success eludes you, maybe you just need to develop some new habits that will empower you. Leo Babauta empowers people with his blog Zen Habits where he shows you how to change habits that hold you back from being great. His new book, 52 Changes is his newest tool for your success.

Join his membership class, The Habit Course, which helps you change one area of your life per month. Create a meaningful life that leaves you feeling satisfied.

With so many empowering resources available, you have the chance to be unstoppable. Decide what it is you need to change from your habits to your thinking, and get to work. Go forth and be amazing.

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  1. Lee’s series of Change books discusses in depth the connection of physical reality and the consciousness. He opens that every individual can directly affect change through words, actions, and thoughts. In an interview Lee said “If habits, lifestyles or personalities are fruits-then thoughts, words, or actions are seeds. Change your seeds and the fruits will change accordingly.”

    ilchi lee education



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