Universal Laws - The Key Law Of Success

Your definite chief aim must be written down and committed to memory. It must be written down on a daily basis and placed where you can review it at least once a day. The mind works as such that we act in harmony with our dominating thoughts.

The stronger we feel about those thoughts, the more our behavior lines up. It is amazing that when we think about not spilling the hot coffee, we always seem to get second degree burns. One key thing that must occur when you write down your goals and dreams is that it must be handwritten to achieve the desired effect.

The effect of the written words and the mind is very powerful. Those words are committed to memory and recalled faster when a simple composition pad and pen is used.

A human is born to be powerful. The inborn in him are vast. Each standard human being is provided with a entire set of faculties which, if accurately utilized and exactly used, will assure victory, a mounting victory. Man is formed for improvement.

Every human being has within himself the faculty for unending development. Development into everything is the universal law's impressive intention. By finding out how to do with the Law of success in promoting that objective, man may build himself into better and greater success.

All the processes of Nature are winning. Nature knows no failures. She never plans anything but success. She seeks at results in every form and manner. To achieve something in the best and identifiable sense of the term we are obliged to, with Nature as our model, copy her ways. In her principles and law of success we shall discover all the secrets of richness.Limitless richness are at man's consumption.

There are no limits to his possibilities. He focuses and understands the basics, forces, and doctrine of the whole world and the law of success. He can improve a great intelligence; thus, all life's issues may be answered, all Nature's secrets exposed, and all human troubles solved. Everything is achievable in this world.

Planting the Seed The farmer plants the seed of the crop he wishes to harvest. He does not plant corn seed to get a harvest of wheat. So, too, a person must plant the seeds of what he wishes to gain. This is where goal setting comes into the process.

The person needs to decide what his goals are, and then create a plan for reaching those goals, so that he can plant the right seed for the desired harvest of success. A person wishing financial success must plant financial seeds, whether these be investments made or skills learned. The person must understand how the seeds being planted will grow to the desired harvest.

Tending the Crops While the crop is growing, the farmer needs to tend and protect the growing plants. The field needs to be watered, treated to prevent insect infestation, fenced to protect the young plants from animals who would feed on the crop. A person working towards success must also protect his crop. Positive associations are needed to continue the growth of the ideas plants.

Negative people and negative ideas must be protected against. Learning about himself and his endeavors (books, classes, further reading) can fertilize the ideas, making them grow stronger and faster. Persistence is needed to weather the storms of depression and impatience which can threaten the crop of success.

Whatever your existing circumstances or condition may be, there's a better and a bigger expectation in store for you, but you are required to prepare yourself for it. You cannot climb into the better and greater things unless you DO SOMETHING on it. Study, plan, and work are all required. The young and the older alike are entitled to enhance.

The young and the elderly alike are allowed to advance. To be honest to yourself and to the universal laws which guides you, law of success is purely moving, for advancement. It is the Universal Law's goal that you shall move ahead.

You can still keep, and you can reverse, in this manner hindering your natural process for a while, conceivably as long as a life time (usually it doesn't require that much), on the contrary in the end you will be compelled to move forward, especially in the path of soul's increase.

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