Can Anyone Develop The Power Of Positive Thinking?

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are".This statement of Swami Vivekanand stresses on the importance of Positive Thinking. If you want to see success and prosperity in your life then it is very important to understand that it all begins in our mind. Thoughts are the cause of everything good or bad happening in our lives. Always remember that our thoughts have creative Power. So beware of what you are thinking most of the time. Because sooner or later it will become reality.

One of the most powerful weapons one can have is the "positive thinking". Positive thinking brings inner peace, satisfaction, success, improved relationships, happiness, and better health. It also helps to move smoothly in day-today affairs, and makes life bright and promising. Positive and negative thinking are contagious. People with positive thinking are more likely to be helped rather than people who are negative.

Negative thoughts and attitude bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions.Optimism consists of three major components: first, the belief in your own power to make a successful life; second, the belief that negative events in life are temporary; and third the belief that positive events in life are permanent.

There are thousands of thoughts which bombard our mind almost every day. Everyday We think about our job, career, relationships, education and so on, hence we mess up thinking about too much things at a single time. It is a smart idea to focus on thing at a time. If you really want to get good results the focus on the solution not the problem."Whatever you think, that youll be". If you think yourself weak, weak youll be; if you think yourself strong, strong youll be"

This statement of Swami Vivekanand has great meaning and it can really have a huge impact on our life. We most of the time knowingly or unknowingly decides who are we going to be. Those who understand this early, they are the ones wholl reap the benefits of Positive thinking.Having faith and belief in self is an important trait in one's personality. Willingness to work hard, acceptance of weaknesses and striving to correct them is what we need to lead a successful life.If you really want to change your mindset then for a start, try avoiding negativity and focus on the positive things. Always appreciate what you have got rather than what you haven't. After practicing this for a few days, you will have a much better attitude and outlook toward life.

Past regrets and future worries are the reason for fear and insecurities to arise. Past is history and shaping future is in your hand. Present is what we have so we must make the maximum utilization of it. Take every hardship as a challenge and take this as an opportunity to show that you can go to any extent to achieve your goals. Develop a healthy eating, stress free life, and get a good sleep. Be content, natural, and happy with what you are and what you have.

The emotions you feel work FOR you exclusively, first and foremost. This applies to ALL feelings you have and send, even for external things such as events and people. If you see someone with something that you desire and feel negative about it with anger, envy, or sadness, then that is the command you are transmitting to the universe! By focusing on the negative, you are asking for the circumstances that will make you feel negativity, exactly as you have asked. Your intentions may be good but you have unknowingly used the power of positive thinking against itself. Reverse your feelings and reverse your life!

Shift your mental focus into positivity. Be happy for the person who is experiencing what you want to experience. This mental action proclaims "yes" to the universe, "I do want this!" and it will come to you. Thinking of why you "can't" have something or feeling jealous of others only says NO to the universe. You are asking for what you are focusing on and feeling about. So if you feel unattractive and over-weight when you see someone who is fit, the command you are giving to the law of attraction is, "I do not want to be fit, I would rather feel unattractive and over-weight"! The power of positive thinking is in this life-changing understanding. If you simply think only of what you want, in ways that produce positive feelings, you will have all that you wish for.

Remember happy or exciting memories from the past and visualise how you felt at that moment. Close your eyes and relish in those thoughts, awakening your senses to what you were thinking, seeing, touching or smelling - reliving the memory. Avoid letting your mind wander into any sad or negative memories by quickly replacing them with good and positive thoughts. Forget past mistakes, you cannot change them, you can only learn from them.

The more you use the power of positive thinking to direct your emotions the more gratitude will swell within you. Nurture this over-all "good" feeling of thankfulness for all you have, all you will have, and for the power you are tapping into. Allow the love within you to completely fill the voids of emptiness and despair that plague so many needlessly. The more love you send the more you will receive what you love back. And the more love you will have filling your life until it is overflowing throughout all areas of your life, and into others' as well. You can be whatever you want. You can have whatever you want. You can create the story of your life right now. All you have to do is think about what you love, and FEEL your love for it. Do this with a grateful heart and have the faith to NOT understand how, why, or when you will get what you want. Just trust in your positive thoughts and the feelings they inspire within you. Within them awaits the secret truth you've carried in your heart yet searched so hard to discover. That you can have, do, and become ANYTHING you desire. You just have to ask, and you do this by how you choose to feel!

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