How To Stop Procrastination!

What can you do if you've tried all the usual tips to stop procrastinating and still had no success? If YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH of starting new projects, usually with buckets of enthusiasm, thinking this time things will be different; only to find yourself right back in that place of inaction, feeling defeated and totally frustrated yet again, then it's likely you've been misinformed about how to deal with this problem. Fortunately the three steps I'm about to share with you will have you turning this around in no time at all. Follow and commit to these steps and not only will you learn how to stop procrastinating forever, but you will find it possible to achieve all those important outcomes in your life which till now you have been struggling to make happen.

What is Procrastination? People procrastinate when they put off activities that could and, in many cases should, be done now. Procrastinators defer the activities until a later time. The term does not apply to people who have two equally important things to do and must pick one to do first. Rather, it applies to people that have tasks or activities with clear priorities and put off the most important task or activity needlessly for the purpose of delaying it.

So what exactly is procrastination? Procrastination is when a person literally avoids doing a task that they know they should be doing. It could be any task, from making a simple phone call to someone, or losing weight, to more important issues such as finishing a duty in the workplace that may cause you to lose your job if it isn't completed.Procrastination is a bad habit that usually has bad end results from doing it. If this sounds familiar, then it may be time for you to learn to stop procrastinating.

To be successful you have to deal with the underlying way in which procrastination works. You procrastinate because of the way you are wired biologically. Everything you do in life is driven by your desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain. You will also do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. So if you link any pain with taking action, even in order to gain pleasure, your association with the pain will stop you from taking action and you will procrastinate.To stop procrastinating there's no point in focusing on the pleasure you will get from achieving your goal instead of the pain to get there because you already know your drive to avoid pain will always win. Rather you must compare the pain you link with taking action to the pain you will feel if you don't take action.

While it might be normal for a person to procrastinate once in awhile, it becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with a person's life. It is the type of behavior that can cause a person to lose his or her job and severely impact a person's life.

If this person is afraid of speaking in front of people, then they will more than likely put off writing a speech until the last minute. Little do they realize that it makes them feel unprepared and doesn't probably go as smooth as they would like it to.

She agreed that whenever she felt tempted to skip exercise from then on she would immediately interrupt that pattern and focus her thoughts on how it would feel to stay fat versus how she would feel doing exercise. I knew if she could do this that it would cancel out the debilitating pain she linked with exercise and she would STOP PROCRASTINATING.

 Last I heard she was still exercising every day. If you follow the above process you too will be able to determine the right action to take to interrupt your own procrastination habit. Review your results and act.Once you have spent some time approaching your situation differently you must notice whether you are getting different results. Are you procrastinating less, maybe completely? If so you will have found a way that works to help you too and you will know what to continue doing. But what should you do if you have followed these three steps and you have still not found a way to stop procrastinating?

NLP and hypnotherapy do not focus on why you procrastinate but rather on how your thoughts keep you from accomplishing that which needs to be done. Together, NLP and hypnotherapy, work to focus your mind on what needs to be accomplished and helps to motivate you to accomplish those tasks. The goal of NLP and hypnotherapy is to cause you to make changes in the ways that you think and react rather than focusing on the underlying cause. For many people, this is a comfortable and effective way to stop procrastination problems and to start accomplishing personal and professional goals.

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