Using The Law Of Success To Succeed

School is definitely one of the very first places where you get to experience how the law of success works. After all, in order to succeed in school, you really do have to take certain actions and maintain a certain attitude. For those who are still in school or are planning to go back, here then are some tips on using the success law to your advantage:

It worked because they applied the missing First Law, which is use high value information. The men he worked with would not settle for OK information, they expected complete and precise information to base their decisions on. If they were going to succeed, they knew they had to fully understand what they were dealing with and what they had to do to take advantage of it. Henry Ford knew his limitations and hired a team of experts to keep him informed.

Succeed in School through Teamwork Whoever said that the law of success couldn't be a collaborative effort is downright wrong. You can most definitely harness the powers of this law as a group as well, and that can bode well for students, since a lot of school work involves doing things as a group, from laboratory experiments to research papers. If you don't see yourself as a team player, then you had better start learning to be more open and sociable. While it is good to have an independent stance, shunning yourself from the talents of others is just too huge of a waste. Your peers may know more about a topic than you do, so why shut them out?

They rearranged and changed their lives by assimilating the information of being successful. They surrounded themselves with information about being wealthy, they felt wealthy, they associated with wealthy people and all things wealthy. They became wealthy.

Succeed in School through Recitation You don't have to be a know-it-all to be great at recitation during class. While a lot of people sound like they're just showing off when they stand up and speak in the middle of a lecture, that's just one way of reciting. One great way to recite and use the law of success quite subtly is to ask more questions, rather than be the first one to blurt out the correct answer in an attempt to aggrandize yourself. Show to your teachers that you are genuinely curious about the lesson, and that you trust them to teach you more. This will definitely get you on their good side, and when grading comes at the end of the year, they'll remember you as the highly inquisitive one.

Napoleon Hill's work originated from observation. He watched extremely successful people and recorded their understanding of how they succeeded. He was a great observer. He could define principles from key points. He asked very concrete questions and got very practical answers. What he didn't write about was what knowledge they had. To be more precise, he didn't examine what information these men had been exposed to and used on a daily basis. Information is what everyone builds their world-view on. The type and quality of the information is what conveys the picture of the reality we live in. The quality of the information used by those men was very different from the information of the average person. Even if they didn't come from a rich family, they saw the importance of learning how rich people thought, acted and conducted business. Understanding how information works and how to transform it into knowledge is critical in applying the Law of Success.

The great men in Hill's book created magnetism in their lives, which attracted what they needed. These men, in essence, performed magic and totally transformed themselves.Information is the First Law of Success. Use impeccable information as your foundation.

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