What Causes Panic Attacks?

Children, whose emotional make-up has yet to become stable, are also subject to panic attacks. In many places these are also called anxiety attacks. Some people also consider these a normal, healthy emotion which is in response to certain stimuli. However, when these become more frequent than normal and also more intense, this can signal that the child has panic disorders. But what triggers these attacks?

Separation and school phobia.Sometimes, children develop certain phobias when they reach a certain age. One of the most common is a phobia of going to school. Experts have not been able to pinpoint the exact reason for this condition. Some children even become excessively afraid and aggressive when faced with the prospect of going off to school.

The other person may have had an unstable broken family that did not show much love to their child and then this person went on to experience what they "perceived" as terrible experiences in comparison to the other person in the stable family. This person also may have had a life threatening experience that they kept replaying in their mind over and over for years to come. Since this persons perception of fear that was ingrained in their personality from the early onset of a child, will dramatically affect their future perceptions of fear.

Lifestyle Change.This is very common when parents move. Most children develop a sense of security from their closeness to familiar friends and surroundings. When this abruptly changes, we can expect the child to have some apprehension and this may induce a panic attack.

Other reasons.There are many instances when panic attacks occur for no apparent reason. This can be during the day even in the security of one's home or with friends. At other times it may happen when the child is asleep.Experts feel that this occurs when the child recalls something traumatic. This could be the death of a loved one or an impending move. These may trigger anxiety and lead to a panic attack.

Every person at one point in his life can have panic attacks for different reasons. You felt this when you were called by your teacher in lower grade to recite a poem which you failed to memorize a week before. You had a panic attack when you noticed the girl you admired coming your way. There are different panic attacks causes and most of them can be very simple and fleeting.

However, there are panic attacks can lead to a serious condition called anxiety panic attacks. This is different from the ordinary panic attacks you have had in the past because this time you fear or anticipate something you perceive as a threat whether or not it is real.

Panic attacks are the natural reaction of people when they are faced with a perceived harm or danger. Thousands of years ago, these panic attacks were the early warning device of aborigines who hunted for food in the forest. In the same manner your panic attacks are your early warning device of an impending danger. Here are some panic attacks causes that can trigger your anxiety:

When a person starts to manifest actual symptoms their minds start racing. You start to get concerned with your symptoms and you cannot stop thinking about them. All of this concern causes you to manifest other symptoms. and these eventually cause more. This is how the cycle of anxiety starts.

When your body reaches a breaking point. it causes you to have a panic attack to stop the cycle of anxiety. Your exhaustion is what causes panic attacks.and your body does all it can do to stop the feelings of anxiety and fear.

Substance abuse.Using prohibited drugs can lead to an overactive imagination which can give rise to unfounded fears. This is one of the common panic attacks causes among substance abusers. Patients taking drugs can imagine they are being attacked by monsters and they start to feel the symptoms of panic attack.Obsessive-compulsive disorder.A person who is classified as OC can feel the symptoms of panic attack whenever he perceives that something is not right.

If you are so obsessed with safety then you can suddenly wake up at night with panic attacks, worrying that you have not locked your door when in reality you have already checked your locks ten times that night.There are many panic attacks causes and to beat them you have to know what specific cause triggers your panic attack. By knowing this you will be in a better position to deal with your fears and you will be able to control your anxiety.

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