How To Cure Procrastination

If you occasionally put off tasks, or avoid unpleasant chores, you're not alone-everyone procrastinates at times. In line with Psychology Today, 20% of older people are involved in procrastination often enough that it can become problematic. Procrastination impacts productiveness, good results, and eventually, self-esteem. Don't hold back until tomorrow-read on right now for some approaches to deal with it:

Why Cope With Procrastination?

Many people claim that they work better being forced: it's they approach they always work, and it works for them. Here are several explanations why procrastination is not the easy way cope with your tasks: procrastination causes high stress levels, hormones associated with high stress are hard on your body, procrastination weakens your body's defense mechanisms, relationships suffer once you procrastinate. As a procrastinator, you may put off seeing a doctor or therapist, which compounds negative side effects.

How to Determine if You've got a Procrastination Problem:

Given that everyone procrastinates once in a while, it can be hard if you have a real issue. Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D., gives these five signs that you have a procrastination issue: you often overestimate the time you need to perform tasks, you often underestimate the time it takes to complete tasks, you feel that you'll be more determined to accomplish tasks "later", you're thinking that to be successful at a task, you must enjoy doing it, and you think that working when you're not in the mood isn't the best approach to work.

Six Methods to Deal With Your Procrastination: bribe yourself, allow yourself a treat for finishing a job this can include everything from taking a brief walk to eating a bit of chocolate, break duties into, sometimes it's simpler to talk yourself into doing a tiny little task, specially when you just don't feel like performing, make lists, create lists of all things you have to do.

Check off each item as you complete it-this action can offer a massive sense of achievement, get rid of duties that you simply won't do, let's get honest-some tasks are so burdensome that you'll never do them, delegate or hire someone else to do them, if they must be done, be realistic, set goals that are obtainable; or else you'll tend to procrastinate to avoid failure, make a good estimate, and see how long it will require to complete a task then double your calculation.

Avoid These Procrastination Techniques

Procrastinators often find methods to putter around, apparently in a beneficial manner, while procrastinating other, more important tasks. Prevent these time sucks:

Facebook: You don't need to keep track of your status every five minutes. Or read through everyone else's. Log out and don't look again until finally one of the many tasks on your checklist is done.

Email: Some companies generate a tremendous amount of email. Discover how to know the truly significant messages; leave the rest for later. Or, ask that colleagues use instant messaging or come to you in person for truly essential concerns. Save personal email for later.

Surfing the Web: Reading through the news, reading the public figure news, reading the weather report all are supplementary to your more valuable tasks.

Cleaning: There will always be housework. If you're avoiding working, exercising or assisting kids with homework, it's time for you to stop vacuuming and initiate concentrating.

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