Depression And Anxiety Medication Can Save Lives

Anxiety is a general term used to describe the diverse forms of pathological and abnormal fears which a lot of people in today's world suffer from. Depression is just one variation of this condition, Depression and anxiety in women today is a common occurring condition that is becoming even more common as you read this. If it goes un-tackled, it can worsen and become very acute and severe. This article aims to identify 5 of the leading causes of depression and anxiety in women and how you can avoid them and regain total control of your life!

The truth, however, is that depression is a very real mental disorder that affects thousands of people; and if not for depression anxiety medication they would be unable to function in their day to day lives. There are quite a few choices for depression anxiety medication and all of them require a prescription from a doctor in order for any depression anxiety medication to be dispensed.

With the choices that are available, only a doctor will be able to determine whether or not an anxiety medication is right for you.While you can discuss the pros and cons of different anxiety medications such as Zoloft, Paxil, Klonopin and Xanax, your doctor should ultimately decide which of these medications, or their generic counterparts as they apply, will best serve you in your current condition.

Another culprit that causes your condition is that you never have a minute to yourself. Closely linked to the above but different in that this refers to you not having an "alone time". When last did you visit with you BFF Stacy or your favorite cousin Ashley? Okay how about, when last did you go on a trip by yourself, or just take a walk by yourself? Or just do something for you?

Is this your life: You go to work and return at the end of a hectic day in time to prepare the meal for your family? After the meal you wash up and clean the kitchen then give the kids their nightly baths and help them with their take home assignments? Let's not forget the needs of the husband later that night.Then on Saturday you must stock up groceries for the coming week? Then church on Sunday? Look Tracy, you need to pause in-betwixt all of these somewhere and find time for yourself or you will soon get a good dose of depression and anxiety. Take a walk or draw a bubble bath, or listen to Whitney Houston's classics or Celine Dion - Beyonce just doesn't swing it eh? (wink).

Thus, anxiety and depression are a common part of our lives, often more helpful than overtly harmful. But, when anxiety and depression seem to crop up out of nowhere, persist for many months without providing much relief, or if it interferes with daily life, then you're probably suffering from a grave illness or a permanent symptom that needs to be dealt with.

Another leading cause of depression and anxiety is weight gain brought about by a variety of reasons; childbearing, age, pressure from the opposite sex, job demands, et cetera, et cetera. At time no matter how the man in your life reassures you, your mirror often times comes out the winner - you listen to it more. To combat this cause of depression and anxiety, try to eat right. A healthy diet - natural foods, oatmeal cookies, veggies, no caffeine, skip the chocolate, throw out the sodas. How do you feel now?

Our final reason for depression and anxiety in women is actually your eating habits.Because you are "modern" you tend to eat a lot of junk food. Grab this here, bite that there and you tell yourself that you have to "eat on the move" because you live in a fast

One of the most common flawed modes of behavior performed by every sufferer who enters into a harrowing episode of stress, depression or anxiety concerns the words they use to describe situations and events they are confronted with. In using powerful, emotive words, sufferers will trigger the fear response and the more they use such words, the worse their suffering gets.

Powerful, emotive words are part of everybody's vocabulary. Sometimes, we use powerful words when we lose our temper or we become angry and frustrated. In this state, we give vent to our feelings and the emotions within us have an outlet.This is fine. For most people, once their emotions have been expressed, they return to their usual selves and life carries on as normal.But it doesn't work like this if you are prone to stress, depression or anxiety.

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