Your Success Development - Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

It was ten to 5. I had just finished preparing my lessons for the next day. I stacked all the books neatly on my table and took my bag. I said goodbye to my colleagues and walked out of the staffroom. My husband was waiting outside in our car. I smiled at him as I was getting into the car. He smiled and leaned towards me and we kissed. "How was your day?" he asked. "It was o.k. How was yours?", I asked. "Good", he answered.

Here is a scenario, you're on the way to work and you get a flat tire, and you've get mad and all of sudden you spill your coffee on your lap. Then you decide to throw a few colorful expletives to the universe. "This is going to be a great bleeping day!" Guess where all that negative energy is going? It's all going back to you. You're now in the zone, my friend and more negativity activity is coming your way. Your boss might yell at you because your TPS reports are wrong and make your day even worse.

I was really impressed with my husband's parenting skills. He was a better dad than I was a mum. His parents often visited us. I couldn't have asked for better parents-in-law. They treated me with respect and kindness.I was jolted out of my reverie when the phone rang. I had been doing what I really enjoyed doing. I had been daydreaming. I loved my husband and my baby. However, they remained in my dreams. I really wished that I could have them for real.

One of the teachers mentioned in "The Secret" is named John Asaraff. He was talking to his young son in his office and his son was curious about a box that he was sitting on. They opened it up and noticed a vision board with certain images on it that was packed away. A vision board is a board with images related to the goals or possessions you want to achieve in your life. John had noticed that on the board was a picture of his favorite house he wanted to own one day. After looking closely at the picture, he realized that it was the exact house he was living in. Let me say that again, John didn't realize until that moment that he was living in the same house he always wanted. How cool is that!

I am looking for a Caucasian guy, remember?" All of them had a good laugh. "You are strange, aren't you? What do you see in white skin?" asked my friend Anne. "White guys are very demonstrative in love unlike some of these Asian guys", I replied. "Are you saying that the rest of us are going to settle for guys who lack in that aspect? You are surely putting these white blokes on a pedestal, aren't you?" said Jane. Fortunately at that point, the lecturer walked in. It saved us from another argument.

When I got back home after work, I started preparing dinner. I was startled when my husband pulled me into his arms from behind. I turned around and kissed him. We stood there in embrace for 10 minutes."Hmmmm... ", I thought, "It's almost 11 years since I graduated. I still haven't met my Caucasian man. All my friends were happily married to Asian men. Well! There's no harm dreaming, is there? I haven't missed the boat, though. I haven't given up hopes yet."

Acting as if means act as if you have received it. You can decide what you want to do with the money, you tell yourself that you are now rich. Remember when you were younger and you would pretend to be a king, or a frog or whatever it was, you would totally act as if you were that person or thing. The same principle applies here. You might think this is silly, so allow me to explain.

There are two major reasons why I suggest this exercise. The first reason is all about your sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind holds your beliefs, it is the blueprint of your mind. It sends a signal to your body that puts gives you emotions and also controls the vibration that you are sending off to the Universe. So as you can see, the sub-conscious mind is very important. Especially since we know that whatever vibration we are sending off, we will receive things in that same vibration. Well here is another thing about the sub-conscious that is important. It doesn't know what is real or not. If it did,

 I think we would all be rich, because that is the truth, abundance rules the Universe. So even if you have a big fat zero in your bank account right now, and you tell yourself that you are rich, and act as if you are rich, eventually your sub-conscious mind would start to believe it. It doesn't have a choice. Just like it didn't have a choice when you were really young and people would fill it with whatever they believed in. The second reason is if you act as if, you are giving the vibration of abundance. It will be a high vibration, so you will start to receive many great things into your life!

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