Do You Want To Comprehend Sugar Addiction Symptoms?

Do You Want To Comprehend Sugar Addiction Symptoms
Many times people who struggle with overweight or obesity berate themselves for not having the willpower to lose weight. With some of us, it may indeed be a willpower problem.

However, and this is important, many people who struggle seemingly forever with their weight have another struggle going on they are probably not even aware of...addiction to sugar! If you are addicted to sugar, it's nearly impossible to lose weight. In fact, you crave the very thing that causes you to gain weight.

What is 'addiction' anyway? Addiction is a condition in which an individual has a dysfunctional relationship with a substance. For example, in the case of sugar addiction, sugar may be used to reward and/or relax a person.

That is a dysfunctional relationship because reward and relaxation are not the intended purposes of a food item. With an addiction of any kind, the individual is unable to stop the behavior, regardless of consequences, and in fact seeks the target substance out on an ever-increasing basis.

Energy depleted body: when sweet foods become a habit you start to rely more on these than on your natural energy resources of your body. Hence you feel weak, lethargic and depressed.sugar habits: this is when you eat sugar or sugar food at about the same time each morning, afternoon, evening or even night.

When you skip the "sugar" hour you find yourself very anxious or depressed.sugar snacks when you are bored: when you are in a boring situation you grab a high-sugar snack to keep you occupied. This is one of the most important sugar addiction symptoms.

When this addiction is not discovered and diagnosed at the right time, the consequences are severe: hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes, pancreatic problems, high cholesterol levels, hypertension obesity, anxiety and arthritis. There are behavioral consequences as well: hyperactivity, aggression, anti-social behavior. Overcoming sugar addiction is not so difficult, but you need determination.

Firstly, you have to accept that you are suffering from sugar addiction. Recognizing the problem means having won half the battle. Then you need to break the addiction. Eliminate sugar from your diet. Here are some tips you need to know when you discover sugar addiction symptoms in your life:

Avoid salt foods. They induce sugar cravings.Eat more fruit and vegetables. There are sweet vegetables, too. Buy smart: Read the labels on the foods you buy.Eat whole grains. They contain complex carbohydrates (millet, barley, brown rice).

Ice-cream fans: eat only ice-cream that is reach in healthy ingredients and not high flavored, high sugar ice-cream.Don't give up sugar: the only thing you'll get is a powerful crave.High protein breakfast: in the morning eat high protein foods.

Firstly you aren't alone; sugar addiction is probably more common than alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling. Why? Simple, sugar is everywhere, not just in your cup of tea, cake, biscuit or can of coke. Sugar has sneaked its way into the most unlikely of foods such as soups, bread and even ketchup.Secondly sugar acts in the same way as certain illegal drugs.

At least if we are as closely related to our cousin the rat as scientists seem to believe. Researchers showed that a whopping 94% of rats preferred the taste of sugar and sweeteners to cocaine. Food addiction is plausible because brain pathways respond to sugar in the same way as addictive drugs act.

While some manufacturers claim there is no such thing as sugar addiction and continue flooding the marketplace with foods that raise our blood sugar to dangerous levels, the fact is that addiction to sugar is a true epidemic in America and other nations where food is in ample supply.

By educating yourself about sugar addiction and making a few simple changes, you can stop sugar from damaging your health and shortening your life. While this does not happen overnight, it is certainly not impossible.

There is a school of thought that says you shouldn't "shock" your system by eliminating all sources of excess sugar in one fell swoop, and an opposing theory that states quitting sugar cold turkey can make ending addiction easier and more effective, in the end. Let's take a look at both methods for ending sugar addiction. The Easy-Does-It Approach:

This approach has been recommended for people who have a serious addiction to sugar - those who drink several sugary beverages each day, or who tend to eat mostly processed foods full of added sugars.Gradually decrease the number of sodas you drink each day, and replace sugary foods with healthy ones. This method is said to help ease cravings and make the transition to a healthier lifestyle easier.

But we're not entirely powerless. If more people looked at sugar's opiate triggering power and treated it like an addiction, doesn't it stand to reason that they'd have a better chance at overcoming their sugar habit? Yes, ignorance is bliss. But this kind of ignorance is literally destroying our health and the health of our children.

Commit to yourself now that you will continue to educate yourself on both the problem and the solution. Books on sugar abound, so the good news is that there is an in-depth solution you can read up on further if you're serious about overcoming sugar addiction. If you're serious about kicking the habit, consider working with a naturopath or health coach. A great way to kick off your new resolve is to embark on a low-glycemic diet, especially if you can join a group that is doing it together.

Fulfil your life. It's difficult to give up something you love without replacing it with something else. Sugar is a crutch for many people, if you give it up, focus on something else that will cheer you up whether that is exercise or watching your favourite soap.

Naturally sweeten up. Berries, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg will sweeten your foods and reduce cravings.Eat 3 meals per day. Eat little and often. For many people, if they don't eat regularly, their blood sugar levels drop, they feel hungry and are more likely to crave sweet sugary snacks.

Get support. Tell your family and friends that you are off sugar, so when they call around they aren't weighed down with cakes and biscuits.

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