What You Watch Affects You!

What You Watch Affects You
Watching TV is a dangerous practice. There are half a dozen ways TV can damage your overall health. A number of studies have demonstrated that there is a direct link between watching TV and perilous diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and higher rates of premature death from all causes.

A Kaiser Permanente study found that children have the habit of watching TV on the average of four and a half hours every day, plus two and a half hours of other media (videos, games, and music), totaling an average of seven and a half hours a day.

Kids have the habit of snacking while watching TV and they won't give consideration to whether they are full - they just keep eating. Then come the advertising for unhealthy food. The TV addiction has long lasting consequences. Adults can affect their children's habits by setting limits for their children and becoming an example of not eating while watching TV and limiting TV time.

The published article, "5 Ways TV Can Hurt Your Health," overlooks the most prominent danger TV has on kids. As a child habitually watches TV, his or her imaginative mind is taking in every word, every action, and every concept which will set up his or her future life.

Violence, profanity, immorality, sexuality are being hard-wired as future actions. I think it's important to realize that the mind thinks in pictures and the pictures on TV are being cultivated directly into a child's mind and is generating future life habits.

In the same manner that watching bad TV can be detrimental to you, observing bad people can be awful as well. If you pay attention to people that have negative characteristics overall, you might start to acquire some of those traits.

There's a saying "Watch stupid, become stupid." Don't be ignorant when you use the Law of Attraction. Did you read about the new research that verifies the basic principle of this ancient law, which Emerson referred to as the Law of Life? If you are not using the Law of Attraction to bring positive things and intelligent people into your life, you are using it to bring in unfavorable things and stupid people.

New research from Austria, uncovered that you actually lower your IQ when you watch people with a low IQ. In other words, watch stupid and become stupid.

It looks right to me. What about you? What comes into your life is a vibration match to you. If you bring your energy, your ideas, your habits and your emotions to a level of watching jackasses, your own thinking ability is decreased closer to the vibrations of what you are observing.

The Law of Attraction concept "what you think about, comes about" is surely proven in this study. When individuals viewed dumb, low-vibration videos and movies, their IQs actually dropped and they became dumber in tests given to them directly after watching.

Their personal intelligence and vibrations transformed to equal the dumb people in the movies which had been occupying their thoughts.

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