The Impact Of Corporate Charitable Giving

The Impact Of Corporate Charitable Giving
When you donate some money or some time to a local charity, such as food bank or homeless shelter, this is a great way to give back to your community and set an example of charity for others to follow. An individual donating time or money has a positive effect, but it is still a limited effect as one person can only do so much.

But when hundreds or thousands of people get together and coordinate their giving, as occurs during a well-executed Charitable giving campaign, tremendous and lasting good can be done for the community. This effect is further enhanced as the CSR program continues over months or years. Beyond the profit to the community, however, charitable giving provides important benefits to the business itself as well, both internally and externally.

When a company establishes a strategic CSR program, they will begin to see positive results in the commercial world almost immediately in several ways, one of which is through public relations. The company's philanthropic activity does not go unnoticed by the media.

All charitable organizations and fund-raising events rely on the media to spread the word about their work, so any corporation having a large share in that work will be included in the heavy media coverage.

While it is less tangible than PR or social media coverage, there is also no denying the fact that many consumers make buying decisions based as much on how they feel about a company as on how they feel about a product. All of the above leads eventually to greater profit as positive public perception and social media sentiment influences branding, and eventually, purchasing.

While corporate giving helps others and creates a positive brand image, there are also plenty of internal benefits to be had. Employees tend to be more engaged in their daily tasks if they work for a company that gives back.

Corporate social responsibility programs have been shown to boost the productivity of employees, and employees also typically enjoy working for companies that demonstrate that they are committed to giving back. People have more pride in their employer, as well, and morale definitely increases especially when executives also take part in these charitable programs and events.

When you get everyone in the company involved in the CSR plan, the level of teamwork within the company also increases. People are more positive about working together for daily assignments and tasks when they have all worked together in a positive way to help others in the community.

 The benefits are even greater when managers and executives work alongside all other employees doing charity work. This type of positive interaction will have a definite effect back in the workplace.

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