How To Succeed In The FMCG Industry

How To Succeed In The FMCG Industry
How To Succeed In The FMCG Industry
Working in the fast moving consumer goods industry is bound to be fast paced as well as very challenging and rewarding. The industry tends to be quick moving and people can expect to move up the career ladder fairly fast.

This brief article looks at the types of roles you may expect to see at various stages during your career within the FMCG industry. Once you begin your career in FMCG you will see exactly hoe many different avenues there are that are open to you.

When you enter the industry as an entry level professional you should expect to gain experience by working in at least two different roles. Roles you might wish to work in include sales reps, assistant brand managers, HR advisors or manufacturing supervisors.

After a couple of years you may expect to reach manager level, here you will probably work in a couple of different roles before moving on. You will need to build up experience within managing people as well as your knowledge on the industry.

Typical roles at this level include HR advisors, brand managers and key accounts managers. Roles vary largely depending on the type of FMCG products you are working with. Each sector is different.

Middle management is generally the next level and in order to reach this level you will need to have experience of a number of different roles including some international experience. Often roles at this point include senior manufacturing, senior category managers, IT managers and business leaders.

The next level to reach is director level. You will need to possess as impressive track record within your region before you reach director level. Good people management skills are essential as is a range of international experience. Typical roles at this point include global brand marketing manager, plant manager, product directors and financial controllers.

When you reach senior director level you will naturally possess a wealth of knowledge and experience within the fast moving consumer goods industry. You will be required to take the initiative at this stage and feel comfortable making important decisions as well as having lots of experience within different markets. You will work in roles such as a senior vice president, regional director or global sales director.

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