Improve Your Business With The Law Of The Ladder

If you have ever read John Maxwell's book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, you may remember his chapter on the Law of the Ladder. Because I am a fitness pro, I often witness personal trainers make errors by focusing on things like certifications and new machines and gadgets to grow their business rather than focusing on business and leadership.

The truth is that many trainers spend ninety five percent of their time increasing their skills as a trainer (during my first five years, I did this too). This is okay if you are not in business for yourself and are instead working for someone else. But if you do own you own business, this focus will not help you to gain income.

There is a better way to increase your income than by spending more and more hours working on the floor, earning low wages and seeing very little of your family and friends. The solution is the Law of the Ladder. To begin with, answer this question: in what areas of your business have you focused on the most? Training skills or leadership qualities?

Think about how much money you have spent over the last twelve months on equipment and certifications and stack that up against the money you have spent on personal growth and learning more about business. What do the numbers tell you when you calculate your return on investment?

You may realize that your income is not very high because you are focusing on the wrong areas in your career. Your time and money may not be working for you because you are spending it on certificates and machines rather than on learning to run a business.

From this moment determine how to shift your focus by adding time, money, and attention to the things that will make it grow bigger than any certification or product ever will- which is an investment in your personal growth and your inner circle. I know when I started switching my investment dollars to personal growth and my masterminds, my income went through the roof.

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