Why Inspiration Should Be Used All The Time

A survey conducted by Performance Inspired, Inc., a media, research, and consulting firm in Atlanta revealed that 25 organizations topped the list of most inspiring companies. It is apparent that these companies have followed certain principles of inspiration and motivation to make people consider them as most inspiring organizations.

The above companies and other organizations that have succeeded in their inspiration efforts internally and externally normally follow seven major principles as their basis to inspire their stakeholders. The first is authenticity when people perceive that the leader is teachable, vulnerable, and transparent.

The second factor in inspiring others is affirmation, which could be defined as the willingness to openly express appreciation of the strengths or aspirations of others and validate them wholeheartedly.

John Locke, a philosopher of the eighteenth century proposed a human mind model, in which ideas resonate or associate with one another inside the mind. However, Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst of the early twentieth century stated that any inspiring act or activity occurred in the inner psyche of the person that has been inspired. Later,

Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychiatrist, suggested that an artist attuned to racial memory would become inspired, since such memory would encode the archetypes in human mind.Progress is the fifth factor in inspiration, which is the understanding of sequential growth pathway from 'what is' to 'what could be'.

The sixth step is termed as storytelling, which is the ability of the leader to connect with all those related to the business at emotional levels and communicating with them through inspiring metaphors, symbols, parables, allegory, and even music.

Marxism has not accepted inspiration as a direct activity or output but it agrees that an inspired artist is attuned for receiving signals from external crises. In spite of these various types of views, whether they are mystical or empiricist, it is generally accepted that inspiration is beyond control by its peculiar nature and occurs instantly.

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