Happiest Ages Of Life

Happiest Ages Of Life
Happiest Ages Of Life
Happiest Ages Of Life

There was a post currently posted by Time magazine about the happiest ages in life. The sub-heading states that life is one big roller coaster ride, but I would say the study is logical - happiest ages are 23 & 69. The best part is that we have two stages of life to delight.

Do you remember 23? You have confidence and the naivet to think that it is possible to reach everything. It could be to start work, you don't yet look at it as a career, merely a fresh start. Careers are daunting and infer long lasting commitments.

Jobs are a new start which can be stuffed with new opportunities and experiences. There is no mortgage, family or duties that lock you into a specific location - the world is your oyster. So you might choose to hike the Appalachian

Trail or as our eldest son has pondered, journey across the country with no destination, just to see everything along the way, sell the car on the other coast and then figure it out. Is it any wonder that 23 year olds are among the two happiest ages? They are carefree and prepared for every new encounter before them.

For everybody who is not yet 69, could you think why they are happy? If you are 69 and beyond, don't you agree? Those aged 68 undermine their future happiness by 4.5 percent based on a study by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. It seems counter intuitive that happiness is decided by how people "underestimate their future happiness".

Yet this definitely validates why 69 is happier - there aren't as many years to forecast forward or headaches. Children have moved out, financial burdens are less, and since the study indicates future happiness is better situated.

The world is your oyster once more. You may not be as nave as 23, but you probably feel the most stress less since 23. If your body is feeling weaker, it's okay because you have the time to focus on strengthening it again.

It is no surprise that Encore.org and AARP are offering a lot of resources to help Baby Boomers to start their Encore Entrepreneurial opportunities. 23 wasn't bad, but we are really looking forward to 69! If this sounds like the roller coaster ride, 69 is at the peak again - enjoy the ride.

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